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I am always trying to perfect my craft, and I endeavour to provide my clients with realistic fine art drawings of a wide range of subjects. All wildlife, animals, pets, and people portraits are catered for, in a variety of sizes and colour options.

Using professional grade colour pencils, graphite pencils and quality papers, each piece is meticulously created to get the most accurate representation I can achieve. 

All finished pieces are supplied unmounted and without a frame. These options can easily be arranged however, at an extra cost. As this can be a very personal choice, I prefer to leave to the client to decide on the finish.

Reference Photos

The quality of the reference photography is fundamental to the success of the finished artwork. This is even more important with memorial pieces as it helps to capture the personality of the subject. A better quality photo will lead to a more realistic drawing and hopefully happier clients! Most phone cameras these days are good enough, but a shaky old polaroid from 1977 will probably not do the job!

OK sounds good, how does it work..?

Initially, email with your requirements and I will provide you with advice on composition, an estimate and lead time, generally within 24 hours or upon receipt of photos or suitable subject material. Once the estimate is agreed, I will ask for a 25% deposit which will then secure your booking. Portraits with more than one subject will be discussed at the initial stage and will be subject to additional costs. (normally 25% depending on the subject matter).

Progress updates will be supplied to you, and any subtle changes (within reason) can be made as we go. Upon completion of your drawing, I'll send you a personal or virtual invite (depending on location) and imagery to make sure you are 100% happy. Once the balance is settled, the drawing is all yours, and will be shipped to you by 'signed for' post or courier.

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